Fox Sighting

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What's the most recommended database development tool from Microsoft? According to the Recommended Downloads that showed up at the bottom of the page when I downloaded Internet Explorer 7 RC1 a couple of days ago, it's Visual FoxPro! VFP comes in at number 2 on the list, just edging out SQL Server 2005.

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The image below is split for size considerations. The highlighting is mine, but the image is real.

I don't know how Microsoft generates that list but I have to believe it's dynamic. I wonder if anyone who doesn't already have VFP installed would ever get this same list? But anyway it's always nice to see the Fox show up in unexpected places.


Craig Bailey said...

Hi Rick,
The list is generated based on what you have recently searched for. Try this: search for DOS and then start downloading the DOS 6.2 Setup files. Magically Microsoft will start recommending DOS as a download. Sadly, I don't think they've put too much effort into the Recommended Downloads algorithm {g}.

Colin Nicholls said...

This is almost certainly based on your own search activity in microsoft.

Anonymous said...

Everybody seems to have missed a Fox sighting in the September 5th issue of PC Magazine. See Page 80. In the context of "What should U buy?" in the realm of CPU's there is the category "The Engineer." AGE: Fortysomething, PROFESSION: Database Guru, FAVORITE APPS: FoxPro, DB2, SQL Server. I don't agree with their processor choice. Anyway, it has been years since PC Mag mentioned the Fox at all. Apparently one of their authors has heard of it!

Tim Saylor